Being human means living with a story about who we are. We tell this story every day, through words, behavior or actions. When we encounter difficult situations that we cannot fully integrate into our story, we experience blockages. Sometimes these blocks surface in the form of stressful thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. We may experience emotional pain as part of our daily experience, and life can feel chaotic and overwhelming. 

My work is to create the space for you to understand yourself in new ways, release your blocks, and discover new feelings of stability, clarity, safety, and fulfillment. I integrate sound, movement, and the outdoors into my counseling and coaching sessions.

Specializing in sports and performance psychology and contemplative psychotherapy, I have clients from a variety of nationalities and backgrounds.

I offer both in-person sessions and online consultations





Imagine using your mind like the world's most successful people to explore the limits of your potential. 

Imagine increasing your performance without burning out. Training your mental skills is essential to discovering and unlocking your potential. 

I successfully competed in snowboarding competitions as a teenager and am still an avid outdoor athlete. I know how good it feels to be in a flow state and how my performance increases when I feel in unity with my mind and body. 

Performance Coaching is for anyone who wants to more successfully manage uncertainty and fear, discover nature and wilderness as a connection to their true self, and learn how to build resilience. It teaches you how to access your mental tools, overcome blocks, and achieve the flow state by becoming one with the element.                  

You will learn skills that you can integrate into your daily life and work to be more present and thereby live a richer, more resilient life. 





Contemplative psychotherapy has its origins in both Buddhist psychology and Western psychotherapy, making it a truly holistic and unique form of therapy. Its focus is on bringing awareness to your deeply rooted patterns that cause suffering, and it teaches how to tap into your core values and your innate healing potential of compassion.

You can begin to recognize and release your behaviors that are holding you back to experience a happy, and carefree existence.

I integrate various modalities that include evidence-based therapy, mindfulness practices, and somatic awareness.